College Now

College Now 2022-2023



College Now is a FREE program designed to prepare New York City’s public high school students for college. Our school has partnered with LaGuardia Community College (LGCC) to offer this program to our juniors and seniors. Here are additional details from LGCC:

College Now is CUNY’s largest school-college partnership with the New York City DOE. College Now is a dual enrollment program embedded in 18 CUNY colleges and over 400 NYC high schools and enrolling over 20,000 students annually. The program offers NYC public high school students both transferable college credit courses which are aligned with first year study at CUNY, and pre-college courses and activities designed to increase academic readiness for college and promote knowledge and awareness of the college-going process.

LaGuardia’s College Now program seeks to facilitate the high school-college transition by preparing high school students to meet CUNY benchmarks and to be academically successful and socially integrated in college. Most of our classes are held at our partner high schools. We also offer college classes on campus through our Campus Cohort program. Students who earn a minimum of two B’s in College Now courses are permitted to take regular LaGuardia courses through our College Connection program.

Please use the link below for additional information regarding LGCC’s College Now program.


If you are an eligible student and are interested in participating in the College Now program, please contact Ms. Tavarez ([email protected]).




Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1.  Why should I take a College Now Course?

In addition to the college preparatory experience, high school students will be able to:

  1. Earn free college credit
  2. Improve their high school transcript and resume with college level experience
  3. Obtain a CUNY student ID to access college facilities/resources
  4.  Qualify for scholarship opportunities

2. Is there a limit to how many college credits I can earn through College Now?

Students are limited to a total of 12 College Now / CUNY credits.

3. Will colleges accept College Now credit?

College Now credits typically transfer directly within the CUNY system. These credits may transfer to other colleges. Please check with your prospective college regarding their credit transfer policies.