Fall 2024 Program

Our Fall sports program begins in late August.

If you plan on trying out for a Fall sport that we (Queens HS Complex, QHSC) offer, please reach out to the coach of that team if you have not already. They will provide you with information regarding tryouts in August. That said, if you are not able to attend August tryouts, you may still try out for the team - however, you must reach out to the coach to let them know ASAP.

**If you are interested in playing a Fall sport QHSC does not offer (listed below) you MUST email Ms. McFadden ([email protected] or at [email protected]before the last day of school.

These sports include: Boys Football, Boys Badminton, Girls Tennis, Girls Bowling, Girls Swimming.

For all sports, in order to tryout, you must have the following:

  •  PSAL medical form signed and stamped by doctor (medicals are valid for one year, so if you got one last summer - you'll need a new one) 
  •  Completed parental consent form
  •  Must be academically eligible: passed 6 classes on your June report card one of which MUST be your PE class, have earned a total of 10 credits not including PE in the previous 2 semesters, AND have a 90% overall attendance rate on your June report card.

If you have any questions or concerns email Ms. McFadden who is in charge of sports for the building campus at [email protected] or at [email protected].